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Tara Hitchcock

Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

About Me

Supportive and Compassionate Therapy for Your Unique Journey
As a dedicated therapist trainee at the Center for Mental Health Excellence (CFMHE), my duty is to offer support and understanding in how you want to navigate the difficulties that life throws at us. My role is to ensure you feel advocated and honored in your journey towards your mental health. I sincerely hope that in each session I can help create an open space of trust, dignity, and compassion. My goal is to help promote a better understanding of yourself and listen to your unique experiences.

Evidence-Based Practices and Personalized Tools
I integrate evidence-based practices and offer tools in my work while being committed to what you want out of therapy. This approach is informed by my previous experience in working with diverse communities in non-profit organizations and peer counseling. I have provided supportive services with transitional housing programs for individuals that have experienced homelessness, assisted in an after-school program for children in a low-income neighborhood, and facilitated online support groups. These experiences have equipped me with the skills to tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs and goals.

Celebrating Diversity and Embracing Different Perspectives
Being biracial myself, I celebrate working with backgrounds and perspectives that are different from my own. At CFMHE, we believe that diversity is a strength, and I am committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming space for all clients, regardless of their background or identity. I strive to provide culturally sensitive care that honors your unique experiences and helps you navigate the challenges you face.

Accessible and Affordable Mental Health Services at CFMHE
At the Center for Mental Health Excellence, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health care. As a non-profit organization, CFMHE offers affordable and easily accessible counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. We also provide leading-edge research and training opportunities for mental health professionals, ensuring that our therapists are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to best serve our clients.

If you’re seeking a supportive and compassionate therapist to help you navigate life’s challenges, I invite you to take the first step and schedule a 15-minute consultation with me at CFMHE. Together, we can work on creating a safe and trusting space where you can share your story, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and develop the tools and strategies you need to achieve your mental health goals. Let’s start your journey towards healing and personal growth today.


I specialize in Anxiety, Social Skills and Stress

I See Individuals, Couples, Family.


Sessions: $80

Accepted Payment Types

American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa

Insurance Type

We do not bill insurance directly. However, we will happily provide superbills that clients can submit on their own for potential out-of-network reimbursement.

Taking a non-judgmental, supportive stance in making sure clients are understood.